The One Vibration Clothing and Company is a unique messaging company that is at the helm of the One Vibration Movement. We sell different concepts and ideas on clothing, personal , household and promotional items. Our arts are designed to create a social change as our thoughts  influence our actions.



  1. CULTURAL AWARENESS - To keep the black community rooted to our strong African culture.

  2. SELF EMPOWERMENT - Which should help to unearth more fearless leaders by focusing on our mental strength.

  3. STRONG FAMILY VALUES - Done  mostly as acronyms to help individuals embrace self worth and a better sense of purpose and responsibility.This will help to bind families together and build greater communities.

  4. LEADERSHIP & SELF-AWARENESS - Being at the helm of consciousness and asserting yourself as a leader by your every action. Also grasping a better understanding on overcoming the issues that face us globally with BLACK POWER as our guide. Our concepts, once understood with an open mind will definitely separate you as a Black Conscious individual  so please don’t leave without a purchase.

    Nature dictates everything and we’re nothing without it, so most of our ideas are in comparison with different elements of it. This is purposely done to keep our thinking inline within its discipline.

    So keep visiting our store as we have countless ideas to share, printed or stitched on items which are of the best  available quality.

    You’re what you wear, so wear  ONE VIBRATION CLOTHING and keep spreading the vibration.